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“A good majority of [the album] is power pop in a Beatlesque or Cheap Trick vein… While these songs are new, they sound as if they came right from a classic rock station’s playlist…DEC3 is proof that there is great music out there that people just aren’t getting a chance to hear.”
-Blinded By Sound

“While the album boasts a familiar sound for some listeners, what really makes it stand out is its lyrical variety. It just goes to show the true depth of this debut and that this record is more than worth the listen by any true rock and roll fan…. Regardless of which songs listeners choose as their favorites, every listener will agree once more that having gone through all twelve songs featured on this record, there is something for everyone both musically and lyrically.”
-Phil’s Picks

“DEC3 have brought forth one simply incredible debut album for the masses.”
-Exclusive Magazine

“The music is classic rock oriented; some may call it modern classic rock. However you might want to classify it, the tunes are well written, arranged and executed. The musicianship is solid and the overall sound is a throwback to a time when music mattered.”
-Classic Rock Revisited