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Reviewed by: Russell A. Trunk

Title – ‘DEC3’ Artist – DEC3

Here on DEC3, the owner of N.Y.-based Alto Music instrument and high-end studio equipment chain, Jon Haber has accomplished a lifelong dream and recorded a debut album that showcases his skills as a musician, songwriter and producer.

Haber was just six years-old when he first picked up a guitar, and ever since he’s been writing songs and playing every instrument known to man to become a seasoned musician. Now 49 years-old, here on DEC3 that has been accomplished

as Haber and his band – longtime collaborators Chris Saulpaugh (singer) and Mike Kalajian (drummer) – have brought forth one simply incredible debut album for the masses.

Also making cameos on this wonderful debut album are both veteran keyboard wizard Shane Keister (Paul McCartney, Five For Fighting) and Coheed and Cambria’s Zach Cooper.

The album kicks-off in fine style with ‘Put Some South In Your Mouth,’ where a vibe of old school, classic Foreigner first bleeds through. Next up is the wannabe anthem, ‘Where Should I Go Tonight’ and that’s backed by both the mid-tempo ballad, ‘Wouldn’t Last’ and a song where Haber and his band challenge Obama, ‘Red Line.’

The fun, bouncy, guitar pop of ‘We’re All Friends’ is followed by the vocally harmonic gem, ‘Simple Mess.’ One of the best tracks on the album, it’s also one of the most simplistic. ‘Sunshine’ is another slower, mid-tempo ballad of sorts, and is backed by the reflective countryesque, ‘4 Small Black & White Pictures of You’ and then the slow groove of ‘In Front Of You.’

‘Free My Love’ is next, and the album is brought to a close with the beautiful, poignant acoustic, ‘Black Kid On a Pink Bike’ and then finally, the crunching guitars on, ‘Leave It All Behind.’

“I’m doing this because I love it,” Haber has said before. “This is a passion project.” Well, once you listen to DEC3 you yourself will wholeheartedly agree with him and hope that he and his band get another passionate release out to us soon.

Reviewed by: Russell A. Trunk www.facebook.com/dec3band www.DEC3band.com